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Fileds of Research


The School currently has over 200 doctoral candidates. The current research interests include:

  • Computer Peripheral Equipments

  • Network and System Security

  • Embedded Systems

  • Computer Networks

  • Computer Graph and Image Techniques

  • Object-Oriented Software Engineering

  • Computing Theory and Software Technology

  • Programming Systems

  • Software Test and Validation

  • Multi-Sensor Data Fusion

  • Intelligent Information Processing

  • Bioinformatics and Biology Computing

  • Data Mining

  • Intelligent Control Techniques

    The SCST offers three B.S., three M.S. and two Ph.D degree programmes in different areas. The main courses provided are:

  • Distributed Computer System and Parallel Processing

  • Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent System

  • Object-Oriented Programming and Systems

  • Network Management and Network Security

  • Graph and Image Processing

  • Computer Vision

  • Mathematical Logic

  • Computer Graphics

  • Advanced Computer Architecture

  • Automaton Theory and Formal Languages

  • Digital Image Processing

  • Distributed Processing Systems

  • Computer Architecture

  • Computer Networks

  • Computer Systems Security

  • Data Structure

  • Operating Systems

  • Software Engineering

  • Multimedia Information Processing

  • Automatic Control Principle

  • Digital Signal Processing

  • Computer Control Systems

  • Principle of Data Communications

  • Computer Network Security

  • Educational Communications

  • Educational Network Engineering

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