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Monetize YouTube even under 10,000 views if this is the case

10,000 Views Necessary?

If you're also a regular YouTuber then I'm sure you have also heard that from 6th, Apr 2017 you must have 10,000 total lifetime views in your videos to monetize or earn from YouTube.

Yes, it's somewhat true as their newest YouTube Partner Program Policy says the same thing.

That's not completely true, It is possible to monetize your YouTube Channel using Adsense even when you don't have 10,000 views on your channel.

This is not a trick or anything illegal. This is just an optional way if you already have an Adsense account.

In this post, I'm going to show you How you can monetize or earn from YouTube using Adsense, without having 10,000 views?

I wrote this post because one random guy requested me to answer his question on Quora. Which was, "Can I earn from YouTube without having 10,000 views on my YouTube Channel with Adsense?"

Everyone knows about the new policy so I would not talk about that, I will just show you how I still use my existing Adsense account to monetize my YouTube Channel.

The Proof

First of all, let me show you the proof. See the screenshot below and observe:

Screenshot denoting Monetized Playback and Lifetime Views

As you can see on the screenshot above, The channel has only 407 Total Lifetime Views when I took the screenshot.

It's the official channel of this blog, You can check the current statistics of the channel with this link.

And if you'll look at the right bottom of the screenshot, then you'll see that the channel has received a monetized playback in the last 28 days.

And that monetized playback was worth only $0.0010, so it's not being shown in the estimated revenue.

If you're thinking how do I know it worthed $0.0010 then just look at the screenshot again with zoom in. The graph shows it clearly.

Here's the revenue report from the analytics section if you still don't believe me. See the screenshot below:

Revenue Report of YouTube

I know it's a very small estimated earning but the fact is it's true and the screenshot proves it.

Now let's check out why I am still able to monetize YouTube without having 10,000 total lifetime channel views.

The Reason

I would be very honest, actually, I don't know why exactly I'm able to monetize my YouTube Channel even under 10,000 views but I know the facts that may be responsible for it. So let's check out them...

The first reason that I feel that may be responsible for the same is:

1. My Channel was Created before the announcement of the New Policy

The Joining Date of The Channel

As shown in the screenshot above, the channel was created on November 30, 2016. That is before the announcement of the new YouTube Partner Program Policy.

This can be one of the reason but I have talked with a few others with the same conditions but they are not able to do it. So I'm not sure about this.

2. I have AdSense for content account with high earnings

Still not being sure but this one may also be the reason that I'm able to monetize my channel without having 10,000-lifetime views.

The AdSense account that I use to monetize my YouTube Channel, is actually an Adsense for content account. Usually, YouTubers use Hosted Adsense account to monetize their YouTube Channel.

I already had this Adsense account since 2014 and I earn good enough with Google Ads on my blogs and websites.

Maybe they've determined me as a genuine publisher since I'm using their service for a long time and I'm doing it really well.

Maybe that represents me as a good publisher on YouTube too and that allows me to display ads on my YouTube Channel. I think this one is the main reason, however, I'm not sure about it yet.


In my opinion, it is possible to monetize your YouTube Channel even when you are under 10,000 total lifetime views on your channel. You just have to match any of the situation above or a combination of them. However, It's not proved yet by others than me.

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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Facebook's New Messaging App to Fight Vulnerability

Facebook's new app called Talk

As always, Facebook takes one steps ahead to fight with vulnerability. This time to protect teenagers from vulnerability with their new Messaging app.

You heard it right! Facebook will be coming with a new Messaging app for teenagers to protect them from the vulnerability risks in social networking. This rumored news was published by The Information site.

According to The Information, The name of the app is 'Talk'. And the source code of Facebook is used to build this app.

What is 'Talk'?

The Talk will be a messaging app which is being built by the Facebook Inc. The aim of this app is to protect teenagers from vulnerability. It has some age restriction policy also. The restricted age is not defined but I assume that only 13-16 years old teens can use the app.

The Teens have to Create a Facebook Profile for using this app but the profile will not be publicly searchable. The app will also have some privacy controls, it is being said that even parents will also be able to control those profiles. They can look at what their child are doing on it.

The app will also have family-oriented tool and games. It has some creative tools which, the teens would like to play. Moreover, They can also easily share their creativity with their friends and families.

This app will be slightly different from the Facebook's Messenger app. Facebook Inc. have analyzed the restrictions the parents wants to provide their children due to vulnerability. And the app will be fully based on that analysis.

The privacy control features are one of them. Now there will be a safe social app to use for the teenagers very soon.

The app is very useful for those teenagers who are interested in using social platforms but are afraid of the vulnerability involved in using them.

The app is a little bit similar to  SnapChat but in my opinion, the Talk may play a better role in supporting Facebook, from the parent's restricting their child not to use it.

However, I don't think that most of the teenagers will be satisfied with its restrictions and parental control.

Let's see whatever happens, but personally, I am very excited to experience it. No doubt, I am eagerly waiting for the release of this app. Hope it will release real soon.

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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

How to Hide/Unhide any Folder/Album in MIUI Gallery?

How to Hide/Unhide any Album/Folder in MIUI Gallery?

Have you lost your Albums/Folder from the MIUI Gallery App? Unable to get them back again? Don't worry! I am here to help you out.

If you don't like reading long blog posts then you can also watch the video tutorial on our YouTube Channel. I have also embedded the video at the end of this article below.

Otherwise, if you don't want to watch the video for some reason, continue reading this article with the text and screenshots to understand the process.

Meanwhile, I would like to inform you that I have some more interesting articles and videos for MIUI Users like you. Here are some of them...

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First of all, let me show you,...

How to Hide any Album from MIUI Gallery App?

If you would like to hide any album or folder from the MIUI Gallery App then proceed with the following process:

Open your MIUI Gallery App:
Launch your MIUI Gallery App, the icon of the Gallery App looks like the screenshot given below.

Launch MIUI Gallery App

Switch to Albums Tab:
Now switch to the Albums tab by clicking on the album as shown below in the screenshot or by swiping on the screen.

Switch to Albums Tab

Select any Folder/Album:
Now select whichever folder or album that you want to hide and Tap and Hold on its name.

Tap and Hold on the Album/Folder name

Click on Hide:
You will see many options for the selected folder/album. The 3rd option from the list is, Hide. Just click on it to hide the folder/album that you want.

Click on Hide

Boom! The folder/album is gone from the gallery app. Now there is only one way to get it back on the MIUI Gallery App. Now let's see how you can get them back again..

How to Unhide any Album in MIUI Gallery App?

Have you hidden your Album/Folder from the MIUI Gallery App, and unable to get them back?
Well, there is only one way to get it back, just follow the steps below:

Go to Settings
Go to Settings in your MIUI Phone.

Click on Settings

Go to System Apps
Now scroll down and find System Apps and click on that.
If you are thinking, "Why not directly search the setting that we need to change?"

Then the answer is, I already tried and tested it. The settings that we need to change does not appear in the search result. I don't know why, but it doesn't appear. So, you have to follow the step by step process...
Click on System Apps

Go to Gallery (Settings):
Now go to Gallery option from the System Apps Settings page as shown in the screenshot given below:
Go to Gallery Settings

Turn on Show Hidden Albums:
Now scroll down a little bit and find Show hidden albums and Turn on the option. After turning it on it will look like the screenshot below.

Turn on Show hidden albums

Go back to MIUI Gallery App:
Now go back to the MIUI Gallery App. The hidden folders/albums will now be shown in MIUI Gallery app as highlighted or dimmed. See the screenshot below for example;

Shown Hidden Folder/Album

To Unhide any Album/Folder just Tap and Hold on any of the Hidden Album or Folder that you want to unhide. Click on Unhide as shown below in screenshot:

Click on Unhide

Hurray!! It's done, you have successfully got back your hidden photos album/folder in the MIUI Gallery App.

You can also watch the video below to see it in live action. Otherwise, let me know if it helped or you have any other problems.
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How to Hide/Unhide Photos in your MIUI Gallery App?

Saturday, 20 May 2017

YouTubeGO - All about the App - Ab Mazze Udao, Data Nahi!!!


The intro and preview of the upcoming sensational app - YouTubeGo!

Do you loose too much Mobile Data while using YouTube? Well, that will be a history in a few months or years.
Recently YouTube has come up with their new initiative, they announced an upcoming sensational app i.e., YouTubeGO.

It's been a few days when YouTube Go was released for beta testing in India. A lot of peoples who uses beta apps are getting a chance to try this app.

I am also one of them who was excited about the app, and I am already testing the app and every update of it. So in this article, I will review this beta version of the app and put my views about it,

If you want to get notified whenever the app will be launched then you can register on their website using your email and phone number or just stay connected with us to get notified!

Alright, before getting started with the review of the app. I would like to tell you that I have also made a video review of this app on YouTube. If you want to watch it directly on the video instead of reading, watch the video below or keep reading:

The app is currently available for some chosen peoples only including me. So I thought to make a quick review for all of you and show you the upcoming YouTube's sensational app - YouTube GO.

The app is very light-weight and it is made especially for us Indians. It is designed to work on any smartphone and it has some great features to reduce the data usage.

I personally feel that this app will be a great success in the future. Off course it will the first choice for those who started watching YouTube after the arrival of Reliance Jio.

The Reliance Jio offer is ending soon and a lot of Indians will move on to the paid plans. And it's obvious that all of them will start saving their mobile data and stay away from YouTube. 

At that time only YouTube Go can save the precious YouTube audience that was built up after Reliance Jio came into play. So let's talk about the features of this app.

Here are some highlighted features of YouTubeGo:

  • Light-weight design to work smoothly, even on entry-level smartphones
  • Reduced Data Usage (Data Saving Features)
  • Video Preview using GIF/Animation (To prevent spam and mislead)
  • Download Videos for Offline use (Same as the native YouTube App)
  • Share Offline Videos with other YouTubeGo users (Like SHAREit, Mi Drop, Xander etc.)
  • Select Video Quality before playing/downloading video (Currently 3 Qualities available)

Many more features are expected to come up in the future as this just their beta test. Stay tuned with us for latest updates. Subscribe to our Newsletter if you want to get notified about its launch.

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Thursday, 4 May 2017

How to control Data Usage in MIUI 8 using MIUI Security App?

Control Data Usage Banner

Hey there, Are you one of them who didn't understand "How to use MIUI Security App to control the Data Usage of your MIUI Phone?" Well, here I am to explain this.

This is the complete guide on how to use your MIUI Security App to control the Data Usage on your phone. Now there is no need to loose your main balance when the Data Limit of your Data Pack exceeds.

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Let's move on to the topic.

First of all, You need to open your Official MIUI Security App, to access the Data Usage Control Feature.

So launch your MIUI Security App and click on the Data Usage icon (See the screenshot below):

MIUI Security App - Click on Data Usage

Now let me introduce you to the interface of MIUI Data Usage App/Feature. It looks like the screenshot given below (except the pink lines and numbers, I used those to illustrate the app interface):

MIUI Data Usage App/Feature Interface

As you can see on the screenshot above, I have marked all the sections with pink rectangles and circle with a number alongside. Now let me illustrate each section of the app using the same:

Section 1: Section 1 shows which SIM is currently selected if you are using Dual SIM on your phone.You can control the Data Usage of both of your SIM by swiping or clicking on it.

Section 2: Section 2 is just showing you the clickable settings icon.You can manage and customize a lot of things inside after clicking on it.

Section 3: Section 3 shows you the how much Data is left in your current Data Pack/Data Limit that you have set on your MIUI Data Usage app/feature.

Section 4: Section 4 is clickable.It allows you to set Data Usage manually. You can reset the data counter by clicking on it and following the instructions (but this is not recommended).

Section 5: Section 5 shows you the analytics of How much data is already used today. This resets automatically every day.

Section 6: Section 6 represents the Data Used throughout the month. By default, it resets automatically on the 1st day of every month but you can change it to any other day if you want.

Section 7: Section 7 is again a clickable area. By clicking on it and following the instructions you can restrict data usage of individual apps and control even the system apps. However, take care while doing it because you can disable many things by doing this.

Section 8: Section 8 is also clickable. It shows you the stats of your Data Usage. You can see how you are using your data? Which app is using the most data? How much you spend monthly, weekly or daily? And many more things.

If you are still being confused or getting bored, you can also watch this video to better understand everything (The video has Hindi audio and English Subtitle only):

If you don't want to watch the video or didn't understood well in the video, Let's continue and I'll explain it.

As mentioned in section 1 of the app interface, the section 1 allows you to choose between two SIM(s) to manage them if you are using Dual SIM on your phone.

However, both the SIM options will show the same interface and settings so we will talk about only one. For SIM 2 you can follow the same things that I'm going to tell you right now.

So, Let's move on to the 2nd clickable section of the app interface (i.e., Settings):

Just click on the settings icon on the top right corner of the screen/app interface. Now you will land up on the settings page and this the most confusing section of the app. So let me break it down for you:

Settings Page - MIUI Data Usage

Data Usage: If you see on the screenshot above, there is a blue button on the right side of the screen alongside Data Usage. This is because MIUI turns it ON by default. If it is turned off on your phone then turn it on to use the features of this app.

Note: Turning the Data Usage ON here. does not mean that you are Turning ON your Mobile Data. They have named it incorrectly, I think it should be named "Data Usage Counter" or "Manage Data Usage" or anything else that is suitable.

By turning it ON. You will just allow your MIUI Data Usage app to manage and control the Data Usage of your MIUI Phone. This will not turn on your Mobile Data.

Mobile Data Limit: The second option on the settings page is Mobile Data Limit as shown in the screenshot above. Click on it and let's see what's is inside it...

Mobile Data Limit Settings - MIUI Data Usage App

The first option after clicking on Mobile Data Limit is Peak Data Limit as you can see on the screenshot above.

By clicking on Peak Data Limit you will be allowed to set a peak data limit for MIUI Data Usage app to control them. This will be the maximum data limit to be used on your phone. This step is necessary to use other features like - Turning Off Mobile Data automatically.

For example:
Suppose you have activated a 1GB Per Month Data Pack on your phone. Then you will set your Peak Data Limit to 1GB. (I recommend to use less than the actual value because the counter is not so accurate.)

Data usage warning level: The next option in the settings page is Data usage warning level, which is just below the headline "Additional Settings".

By clicking on it, you will be prompted to set a level of Data Usage - When you would like to get a Warning from the app that your Data Limit is about to exceed.

This post is still incomplete and it will be updated soon, Stay Tuned!

Saturday, 15 April 2017

5 Amazing Android Photo Editing Apps, That you should know!

Top 5 Android Photo Editing Apps

Hey, Guys! Do you like to Edit Photos on your Android Device? Have you ever faced the problem on which apps to use for the best results?

Well keep reading, We have shortlisted the Top 5 Amazing Android Photo Editing apps for you.

You can use them for Tweaks and Improvements on your Photography. Create images and logos for your Blogs, Websites or you can even use them for personal use, Like sharing photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr etc. (Or maybe just to impress and show your girl how smarter you are!)

Are you confused, Which photo editors to use? Don't worry, we've got your back.

We are going to introduce you to the most amazing android photo editing apps, that will change your photo editing experience. So let's jump to the list...

Photo Director Android Infographic

1. PhotoDirector

The first app in the list is PhotoDirector which is made by This app is comfortable for all types of user, either if you are new to photo editing or a pro editor.

The interface of this app is very comfortable to use. (I like this app very much for its advanced features with easy to use interface.) Okay let me mention some cool features which you may like:


  • Easily adjust Tone with Brightness, Darkness, Exposure and Contrast sliders,
  • Advanced Camera Module with Live Effects,
  • Intelligently remove objects from photographs,
  • Use the Blender tool to add an extra image or effect layer to your photo, 
And a lot more features are available in this app, which will make your ordinary photos look like a professional one. And all that with a very small effort. If you like to try thi app then you can Download it (here).

PicsArt Infographic

2. PicsArt

The second app in our list of, (Top 5 best photo editor) is PicsArt which is made by This is very powerful photo editing app with cool interface.

The most important thing that I love about it is, it has a very big community, and they upload very interesting and cool tutorial of photo editing with PicsArt on YouTube. Where you can learn and use it on your photos.


  • Remix images with friends, it's cool
  • Add text with multiple fonts and text effects,
  • Apply clipart and stickers to your images, or you can create your own clipart and stickers,
  • Freely share your photos to PicsArt, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and more,

It has million of users because of it's cool and has a lots of interesting features. I like this app too much, You should also give it a try, You can install it from (here)

Pixlr Infographic

3. Pixlr

The third app in the list is Pixlr which is made by Autodesk inc. Pixler is a very powerful photo editing app for all type of users.

The 1000s of color effects make it pretty cool you can use it to make your photos more dynamic. Let's take a look at the features:


  • Create the photo collage with a variety of choice for layout, background, and spacing.
  • Multiple layers of photos and blend them together to get a new amazing photo.
  • Colour Splash with the impact of the focal blur.
  • Make your picture with captions or overlay it with text, various of the fonts to use.
  • Resize an image quickly and effectively after editing.

This app has many varity of features. You can make Pixlr as your playground to play with your photo.
Is it one of the personal favorite of Bishnu Mahali if you did'nt know about it. Well you should definitely give it a try. You can install it from (here)

Snapseed Infographic

4. Snapseed

The fourth app in the list of (Top 5 Photo editor) is Snapseed which is made by Google inc. Snapseed is simple and easy to use app which you can use for some basic editings however you can also use it like a pro too.

If you follow Bishnu Mahali, then you will be glad to know that according to him its the best android photo editing app for Landscape Photo Editings.

Let's Check out some important feature of this app:


  • 26 Tools and Filters, Healing, Structure Tool etc..
  • Color Adjustment, Exposure, Color Correction, Auto & Manual editings with precise controls.
  • Increase the size of your canvas and fill up the new space in a smart way.
  • The blur effect *Add beautiful bokeh effets to the photo
  • Add text with stylish fonts and frames.

It is a cool app with amazing features. I am in love with this app, if you also want to try this app, then you can download it from (here)

Over Infographics

5. Over

The fifth and last app in the list is Over which is made by Over inc.
Do you like to add text on your images? but you doesn't get cool fonts and styles?

This app can be the best choice for you. It won't disappoint you. This app is known for its simplicity and amazing text styles.


  • Create amazing Quote Pictures or Blog/Social Network Posting Images.
  • Build Slides for your next presentation.
  • In over you can Smudge, Resize, Rotate, Fade, Copy and center your stickers, artworks and texts.
  • You can blend text to screen to get amazing results.

You can use this app to create Logos, Blog Images, Portfolios, and great artworks for your business. If you are a blogger or social infulencer than you will definitely like this app. Give it a try, You can download it from (here)

Alright finally the list is complete. My personal favorites are PicsArt and Snapseed. I would really like to know your favorite apps.
Let me know if you know any other app that can beat the above apps, I wolud update this post with creadits given to you.

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