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Brief Introduction


A number of research centers and affiliations with external organizations have also been established. In addition, their research activities bring members of the School into extensive contact with the government and industry.

The School attracts a significant portion of the total research funds awarded to the University from the National Natural Science Foundation, the 863 High-tech Program, the Ministry of Information Industry, and the National Ministry of Education Fund for the education of students pursuing doctoral degrees. In addition to such research income, the School has successfully won grants from the industry support Fund, as well as research contracts and funding from a variety of sources. In 2006, teachers in the School collectively received in excess of eight million from a variety of external funding sources. Since 1990, more than 100 research projects have been awarded various prizes from the State Council, the State Science and Technology Commission and Shaanxi Province. At the same time, 125 books have been published, including textbooks and monographs.

The goal of the School is to train the next generation of scientifically-aware graduates, and through teaching and research to contribute significantly to existing scientific knowledge and practice.

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