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Introduction to SCST


School of Computer Science and Technology (SCST) of Xidian University was founded in 1995, although the computer application and computer architecture majors were established in 1958. Currently, SCST has one national first class discipline of Computer Science and Technology, one post-doctoral station. It has 3 doctoral degree programs and 4 master's degrees, among which the master's degree program on Computer Architecture founded in 1981 as the first batch of Chinese master's degree program. As one of the earliest-founded majors of computer science in China, the School enjoys a long history of excellence in computer science research with an increasing emphasis on applied and strategic research. With the new recruitment plan, we are now recruiting worldwide to improve the quantity and quality of our teaching staff.

The SCST consists of the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Computer Engineering and the Department of Network Engineering. The school comprises six research institutions, namely the Computer Network and Information Security Institute, the Computer Peripheral Device Institute, the Multimedia Technique Institute, the Network & Computing Institute, the Software Engineering Institute, and the Computing Theory Institute.

Over the last fifty years, the SCST has developed into one of the largest schools in the University with about 140 academic staff, including 14 Ph.D. supervisors, 26 professors, and 47 associate professors and senior engineers. It provides a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs, plus research programs to over 3,500 students in many fields of study. The school has developed very fast in recent years. Hundreds of research projects funded by the state or ministries have been accomplished in school. Fruitful achievement have been gained and awarded by the state, ministries and provinces. The school has a broad international collaboration and relationships with many universities, institution in more than 10 counties and areas over America, Europe, Australia and Asia, and has gained a high reputation. Currently, the SCST enrolls over 3,500 students including 2,300 undergraduate students and 1,200 post-graduate students. A number of research centers, as well as affiliations with external organizations have also been established. In addition, their research activities bring members of the School into extensive contact with the government and industry.

The goal of the School is to train the next generation of scientifically - aware graduates, and through teaching and research to contribute significantly to existing scientific knowledge and practice.


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