Saturday, 14 January 2017

The Newly introduced Features of the Facebook App are Insanely Cool! - The Complete Review!

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The latest features of Facebook App is awesome. They have recently launched these features and i can't wait to share it with you guys, I have tested it in Facebook's Android App only but i'm sure that its also available on the other platforms of the Facebook App. These features are not available on the website (both desktop and mobile versions). It is only available in the Facebook Apps. 

1. The Custom Post Theme
With the latest version of Facebook App you can choose custom themes for your each posts or in other word now you can change the background and colors of your posts on Facebook. Let me show you how to use it, First of all go to "What's on your mind?" post box then click on the Theme Menu as shown below in the screenshot of the Facebook app.
Theme Selection Menu/Button of the Facebook App
Theme Selection Menu/Button

Now a Color/Theme Selection Bar will appear. Choose the theme or color that you want to use for your post. It is show in the screenshot below...
The Post Color/Theme Selection Bar - Facebook App
The Color/Theme Selection Bar

Now write your post as usual and post it by clicking the post button. And it's done! This post has custom color/theme and it may look like this (if you have selected red color/theme):

A Facebook Post with Custom Theme/Color
A Post with Custom Color/Theme

2. The Slideshow Post
This is the 2nd cool new feature of the latest Facebook app. Now you can create a slideshow post just inside the Facebook app by selecting somw photos, you can also add music in the slideshow and you can also give it a title before posting it. Let me show you how this works...

First of all go to "What's on your mind?" box, then select Slideshow option as shown below in the screenshot:
New Slideshow Option on Facebook App
New Slideshow Option

Now select some photos from your device to start making a slideshow. After adding photos, music and title you can click on the next button to post this slideshow. The app will make a slideshow video after you will click on next, to see how to add music, title and how to tag other's to the slideshow, read the post completely...

Create Slideshow Screen of Facebook App
The first screen that you see after selecting Slideshow option

After selecting/adding photos click on MUSIC to switch to the MUSIC tab. And select any music to add in the slideshow. I have shown it on the screenshot below for your help....

Add Music to Slideshow post of Facebook
The add  "MUSIC" tab

After selecting PHOTOS and MUSIC, It's time to give the slideshow a title. Now write the Title of the slideshow as shown below on the screenshot. You can tag peoples into it by clicking on the Tag icon (see the screenshot) and then finally click on NEXT to generate the slideshow and then confirm to post it. That's it you have just posted a slideshow on your Facebook.

Title Tab of the Slideshow post on Facebook
Title Tab of Slideshow Post

Please let me know your views on this and share your feedback and comments in the comments box below. Also share it if you like. Thank you reading this, Have a good day!