Saturday, 17 December 2016

Google Keyboard for Android - Updated Review!

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Here we are reviewing Google Keyboard for Android devices. Please let us know your thoughts and and share your experience with it in the comment box below, This post will be regularly updated with each updates of this keyboard app on Google Play Store. So lets begin...

Glide Typing:

Glide Typing on Google Keyboard
Glide Typing
This is the most amazing feature of Google Keyboard, it's called Glide Typing (some of us may call it swipe typing). This feature let's you swipe around alphabets on the keyboard in order of the word that you are trying to type and it guesses the word correctly almost every time amazingly. It's a quite impressive feature, you just keep swiping around the alphabets and it will type for you.

Search within: 
Google Search on Google Keyboard
Google Search
 It's the newly introduced feature of the Google Keyboard and it's a game changer. Now with the latest version of the Google Keyboard you can Search Google right on the keyboard no need to open any app, The result will also be shown above the keyboard. You can also send the result to someone if you are in messaging app, read more about it below...

Send Search Results:
Send Search Results on Google Keyboard
Send Search Results
While using any messaging app (e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp etc.) you can Send the Search Result Directly to the recipient. Just search, get the result and click on share to send the result to peoples.

Search Emoji(s):
Search Emoji on Google Keyboard
Search for Emoji(s)
Now you can also search the Emoji(s) while typing. For example to search a smiling emoji you would type "smiling" in the keyboard and it will come up with results of smiling emoji(s).

Voice Typing:
Voice Typing on Google Keyboard
Voice Typing
This is not a new feature of Google Keyboard but it's actually very popular, it can be very helpful for the blind peoples. The voice recognition engine is much more accurate than any other voice typing keyboard. 

Search & Send GIFs:
Search and Send GIFs
Search & Send GIFs
This is again a game changing feature of the Google Keyboard which is introduced recently with it's latest update. Now you can search for GIFs right on the keyboard app and Send the GIFs directly to the recipient or share it with the peoples.

Custom Theme:
Custom Theme on Google Keyboard
Custom Theme
This is also a newly introduced feature of Google Keyboard and it will win the heart of many peoples. Now you can choose your own theme for the Google Keyboard. You can customize the keyboard as you want it.

Isn't it cool? So finally it ends for now, Please let me know your views and suggestions. Use the comment box below to communicate with us and also share it if you like. 
Thank you for reading.... Have a good day!