Tuesday, 29 November 2016

How to Receive or Accept Money using PayTM?

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First of all Install PayTM app on your smartphone. You can download this app from Google Play Store or other platforms or Click here to download & install PayTMIf you have already installed PayTM then skip this and read below:

There are four methods to accept or receive money using PayTM. I have arranged them in the order according to their usability and easiness. Here i am giving you a short summary of all the 4 methods, you can chose any of them you prefer:

Method 1: In this method you show the QR Code to the payer, The payer scans it, enters the amount & purpose of paying (optional). And clicks on OK/Send to complete the transaction. Jump to this method.

Method 2: This method is almost same to the first one but in this method you already have set a fixed amount to be paid and the purpose of it, The payer only scans the code and clicks on pay to complete the transaction. Jump to this method.

Method 3: In this method the payer shows the QR Code and/or Bar code to the receiver. The receiver scans the code, enters the amount & purpose and completes the transaction. This method must be done within 1 minute because it refreshes the code automatically in every minute. Jump to this method.

Method 4: In this method the receiver should reveal his mobile no. which is not safe/preferred for most of us so this method is rarely used and that also in between friends and family only. However in this method the payer enters the mobile no., amount & purpose. Then clicks on pay to complete the transaction. Jump to this method.

Method 1 of 4:

.Home Screen of PayTM - Screenshot
Home Screen of PayTM

Open your PayTM app. The home screen of the app will look like the above image/screenshot.

PayTM Home Screen - Screenshot
Click on "Profile"

Now Click on the "Profile" button which is at the bottom of the app.

PayTM Profile Page - Screenshot
Click on "My Paytm code"

The above image shows the Profile screen. Now click on "My Paytm code" as shown above.

PayTM Unique QR Code Screen - Screenshot
Unique QR Code

Finally you will see a unique QR Code generated for you. You can share this with everyone by clicking on the share icon at the top right corner of the app.

To receive payment just show this QR Code to the payer, The payer will scan this QR Code using his/her PayTM and send you the money successfully.

On Successful Transaction the screen will look like the screenshot given below and the amount will be shown at the position we have marked as red circle.

Screenshot of Successful PayTM Transaction
Successful Transaction Screen

Method 2 of 4:

Home Screen - PayTM

In this method first click on "Accept Money" from the home screen.

Screenshot of PayTM Request Money Default Page
Request Money - Default Page

The above screen shown is used in the method no. 4. In this method you will have to click on the "QR Code" icon as shown in the above screenshot with arrow.

Screenshot of PayTM Request Fixed Money QR Code Generation Page
Request Fixed Money - QR Code Generation Page

Now you will have to enter the amount and the reason for the transaction in the appropriate fields. However the reason is optional.

Screenshot of PayTM Request Money Filled QR Code Generation Page
Filled up Page of QR Generation

After filling or entering the amount and the purpose of transaction the screen will look like the above screenshot. Now click on "Generate QR Code".

Request Fixed Money QR Code Screen - PayTM
Fixed Money QR Code Page

And finally you will see a QR Code as shown above with a fixed amount. The amount is shown at the top of the screen.

Payer will scan this code and click on "Proceed to Send" to complete the transaction.

After the successful transaction, the screen will look as same as shown in the method 1.

"This post will be updated for method three and four as soon as possible, Currently these two methods has published to fight the currency problem. All these post will be published in Hindi also very soon.
Thank You for your patience!"

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